Gods Below

Gods Below
Published by Morgan Brown
1st Edition, Distributed by Posts of Partridge
Copyright 2015 Morgan Brown

1st Edition, License Notes

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Gargantuan clouds moved across the sky migrating slowly solemnly with infinite displays of charming ever so slow eruptions.

Beneath the underbelly of one of these clouds a speck of a hawk hovers watching the earth way down below. Far north mountains line the horizon, rocky and grass laden plains roll away to the south, stretching from the West to the East is an expanse of forest its canopy dappled in shades of dark green forever hiding its lofty heights.

The hawk passes it’s gaze over a mass grouping of mountains completely surrounded by the forest their landscape strewn with ruins of rock, their fringes combed by the forest. The mountains are covered in weather worn cliffs, crevices, winding ledges, dead ends and dark pockets of which mostly all is passed by a winding maze of animal trails either above, below or dangerously in-between. Offspring of the forest clings where it can to the mountainous terrain: stout thickets, ruff tufts of grass, contorted pines, and adventurous daisies. This environment thawing an endemic microcosm of fat little lazy lizards, moths migrating from shrub to shrub to spiders nest in stone concave. Obliviously adrift a warm breeze specks of seemingly busy bugs cluster in a bubble formation with flight paths of one eyed sparrows, one choosing to fly above it all slowly departs on an off shoot gust.

This setting of an ebbing ocean of tree tops and sun-bathed, wind-carved and ruptured rock now begins to dim. The skies dying with bold oranges, pinks and a swathe of gold as the sun sinks further behind the mountains casting their shadow over all but the beyond where light shone ever brighter. The once blue sky had now emulsified and like summer rain drops upon a pools surface stars unceremoniously began to appear.

The hawk’s eyes jerked and taking on the wait of stone it plummeted. Swooping above the forest canopy, gliding amongst tree tops cutting through a chill wind to follow a hunt. Flying above a creature running in dread the hawk caught glimpses where it could and where it could not followed the noise of it.

...[to be continued]

Just Thinking About Great Games Lists

Recently in one of my Discords a regular replied at the mere mention of a game: "sigh Gothic sits staring into empty space, fondly reminiscing" to which I replied: "wishing i felt the same way about a game that [username]  feels about Gothic" and for a minute I truly meant this. But then I found myself as I do every so often, looking over my Curator List on Steam which as always blows my mind at the good games on offer and how spoilt we are for choice these days. Sure some are dormant multiplayer games that are nothing like they once were in their heyday but that's not the point. Most are single player anyway. I mean you can see for yourself the games I've listed each one brings so much joy to me and other people that I have had recommend them to me. To be clear all of my recommendations are positive ones, absolutely, and most definitely.

I've written this basically to encourage more people to make lists of the things they love don't worry if no one ever reads it and you can always plug it to your hearts content anyway. Like another discords users TL:DR movie reviews or someone from about the same server/community who makes videos about the things that they love because now more then ever we are or atleast I am becoming shocked, appalled, scared, and just down right torn apart from the world that we live in you don't have to search very far to find this stuff. The saying that "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" is something I would love to believe in but cant quite picture it somehow.

What I am getting at is have the things you love or enjoy close at hand cause you never quite know when you might need them to cheer you up :D

Stories: The Path of Destinies

Absolutely gorgeous, superb narration, truly wonderful isometric view/ camera work, fluid combat, wonderful level design and a great story(ies). But the loading times are too long and it freezes (for me) my screen when I try to alt+tab leading me to have to logout of my pc. Also the games unlocks, skill-trees etc dont really seem necessary ie try to add "depth" but come up short. Buy on special.

Cat Quest

If you were wondering what an RPG might look like distilled then this game is for you. Its also most definitely Dark Souls for kids/family. Absolutely brilliant and delightful game. Although some people are saying its too short the only draw back for me is its too long.

Conan Exiles

Okay I know I bang on about how crafting is only good in Minecraft and well thats true imo as here its too ridiculously slow seriously inhibiting your adventure but and this is a big butt this game is actually good if you can move past the slow some times sporadic progression. The some what demanding knowledge requirement of the crafting allows for more player expression I guess to put a positive spin on it. I have never wanted a game to be pay to win in my life but this is the exception; boost me daddy. I JUST WANT TO EXPLORE Conans world, this world is mind blowing, man how fur-king hard can it be. Minus the progression its srsly gud gaem bro, not that mods cant fix that.

Papo & Yo

The platforming was just how I like it: impressively responsive and not relying on testing how finicky you can be in testing its parameters but instead putting you in environments that test your nerves instead.

The story is very delicately told and Papo and Yo is far from a Super Mario game in its setting, exchanging cute and colourful for natural tones, abstract, moody, and cinematic. Its very Alice in Wonder Land at times with loads of resonating character its all very surreal. There are some adorable moments; your interaction with chubby big eyed frogs, the hint boxes were the best execution I have seen for giving a hint to players in game, and the characters themselves have much more depth than I am used to in a video game.

Papo and Yo is strikingly original at times and if there is one thing the majority of its reviews agree on its that Papo and Yo's strongest point is its a charming and eloquently told story that is of something the medium desperately needs: something to contemplate and something human.

Power Hover

This game is like a Bit.Trip Runner and Race The Sun combined (speed plus muscle memory) so if you liked those you may like this one.

I really wish this game had a sandbox mode its just so chill I just wanna chill in this game seriously. The bosses are also quite hard I fluke most things.