Stories: The Path of Destinies

Absolutely gorgeous, superb narration, truly wonderful isometric view/ camera work, fluid combat, wonderful level design and a great story(ies). But the loading times are too long and it freezes (for me) my screen when I try to alt+tab leading me to have to logout of my pc. Also the games unlocks, skill-trees etc dont really seem necessary ie try to add "depth" but come up short. Buy on special.

Cat Quest

If you were wondering what an RPG might look like distilled then this game is for you. Its also most definitely Dark Souls for kids/family. Absolutely brilliant and delightful game. Although some people are saying its too short the only draw back for me is its too long.

Conan Exiles

Okay I know I bang on about how crafting is only good in Minecraft and well thats true imo as here its too ridiculously slow seriously inhibiting your adventure but and this is a big butt this game is actually good if you can move past the slow some times sporadic progression. The some what demanding knowledge requirement of the crafting allows for more player expression I guess to put a positive spin on it. I have never wanted a game to be pay to win in my life but this is the exception; boost me daddy. I JUST WANT TO EXPLORE Conans world, this world is mind blowing, man how fur-king hard can it be. Minus the progression its srsly gud gaem bro, not that mods cant fix that.

Papo & Yo

The platforming was just how I like it: impressively responsive and not relying on testing how finicky you can be in testing its parameters but instead putting you in environments that test your nerves instead.

The story is very delicately told and Papo and Yo is far from a Super Mario game in its setting, exchanging cute and colourful for natural tones, abstract, moody, and cinematic. Its very Alice in Wonder Land at times with loads of resonating character its all very surreal. There are some adorable moments; your interaction with chubby big eyed frogs, the hint boxes were the best execution I have seen for giving a hint to players in game, and the characters themselves have much more depth than I am used to in a video game.

Papo and Yo is strikingly original at times and if there is one thing the majority of its reviews agree on its that Papo and Yo's strongest point is its a charming and eloquently told story that is of something the medium desperately needs: something to contemplate and something human.

Power Hover

This game is like a Bit.Trip Runner and Race The Sun combined (speed plus muscle memory) so if you liked those you may like this one.

I really wish this game had a sandbox mode its just so chill I just wanna chill in this game seriously. The bosses are also quite hard I fluke most things.


The reviews for this on Steam are 71% mostly positive. Its description does not list features and it only says: "Astroflux is a retro styled, action packed MMO space shooter. You start the game with a puny "pew-pew"-ship and start your journey to explore the huge Astroflux Universe. Team up with other players and take down the aggressive bosses and hordes of enemies while you search for new materials and scraps to upgrade your ship. Astroflux sports cosy arcade graphics paired with modern awesome particle effects. And, the soundtrack is great! Enjoy and fly safe!"

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd for the most part this is all very true except for a gaping hole I never mined resources atleast I dont think I did, I never teamed up to take down bosses and I never upgraded my ship. Why did I not do these things you ask? Well I am reviewing the game you'd think I would have atleast tried and yes I did but it was just a little to deep for me in that these activities were not immediately apparent there is a depth to this game that is bewildering at first and for me personally was everlasting.

I am reminded of Eufloria when I play this game there are a few others as well that come to mind but mainly Eufloria that is how simplistic on the surface level this game is. Its [MMO] UI is excellently ordered and easy to understand, the music is delightful if too short its spacey and energising, the sky/star map which you will see a lot of could of done with one extra layer but its still gorgeous, the controls are not bad - could do with a strafe for that extra skill tier for fighter pilots who really wanna show off their stuff. I glossed over all of the in-depth stuff as I said and I am fine with that. It gave me a ship plonked me into (seemingly) infinite space and let me do what I wanted to. Its just shame I didn't want to take things to the next level due to what I think is an over reliance on micro-transactions they're just about in every menu pop up you could imagine it feels inhibiting. This game is free though and I cant stress how amazing that is but in the end I would happily pay for it if only to just float about space zapping enemies like a flame to mosquitoes.

Guide - e'Sports improving your game.

    • Watch how the Pros do it
    • Dedicate yourself to the amount of improvement you want to see achieved. Dedication.
    • Think about what your trying to achieve and concentrate on what you are using to achieve it.
    • Enjoy your training, think of it as a game.
    • Care: care about losing care about winning care about everything be a care bear.
    • Research: search for hints and tips, ask the community, write it down.  Know your tools.
    • Get an e'Sport: mouse, keyboard, mousepad etc it helps.
    • Practice what you are trying to get good at dissect it, possibly practice on specifics - perfect it.
    • Know what your practising, practice it methodically to improve then randomize it to try and trick yourself
    • Sleep well, eat well, look after yourself, socialise, exercise, relax and never be far from a bottle of water.
    • Focus-concentrate-observe-think-try something completely different-repeat.
    • Take inspiration from things that resonate strongly with you. Whether it be a personality like Muhamad Ali, those that came before you, or some sort of God(s).
    1. fighting-to-the-top
    2. Test your reflexes and please leave feedback and suggestions below